We love what we do and are always looking out for people who are enthusiastic, committed and open to work with our amazing team of people.

Decency  +  Respect

Connection  +  Purpose


  • strive to provide a consistently clean environment for our customers and team.

  • work on different ways to become more sustainable and produce less waste.

  • continuously improve how we produce and serve our product – everything – service, food, coffee, environment, connection.

  • continually refine our dedication to the team and the community.

  • are committed to genuine hospitality.

  • understand that business is about relationships – with honesty, integrity and commitment we build and maintain them.


We work on providing a safe, caring workplace for our employees so that they can realise their full potential.

Everyone in the business has a duty to act for and in the best interest of each and every team member, the customers that come to us and the suppliers that work with us each and every day.

At Canning River Cafe and our other operations, hospitality positions of all levels come up from time to time.

If our people first and integrity always flavour rings true for you too and you would like to send us some information - click on the button that fits the job area you are looking for.