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Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Always looking to support our customers with products that truly nurture and nourish, our Gluten Free and Dairy Free products are made to our recipe and to our quality requirements by our own chefs.

Simply. Loving. Food.

Why Gluten & Dairy Free?

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains: wheat, rye, barley, spelt and triticale. The word GLUTEN is derived from the Latin word for ‘glue’. Is this a coincidence? We don’t think so. In the body, gluten can interfere with the small hair like structures that line the entire digestive tract. Gluten literally flattens these structures (like glue!) inhibiting further breakdown of food and the absorption of nutrients. This gives rise to a whole host of digestive complaints, the most common being bloating and gas. Gluten can also make the body feel heavy or sleepy after you eat it, so it is a good idea to watch out for these signs and anything else your body may exhibit that is unique to you. Start to be aware of any signals your body may be using to get your attention. Our bodies constantly talk to us, but do we listen?

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Bridging Foods Cook Book

What we eat has an impact on how we are in our everyday.

For a long time we have all had a sense of what works for our bodies and what does not - as much as we can override this feeling - we still get it. And so it was for me - working super long hours and propping myself up with sugars of all types and plenty of caffeine - I got through - we get through - for we all do this to some degree.

One day I decided very simply to play a game - that game was simply called ‘listen to my body’. There were no rules and no one telling me from a glossy magazine how to eat, what to eat or what to drink. I was the master of those choices and there were a lot to make.

I started simply with things like bread - why did I feel so bloated and heavy after eating it ? Chocolate was eaten like it was going out of fashion - why did I need this every day after every meal?

And so I started asking and listening sometimes, not listening a lot of the time and being aware that somethings were starting to become apparent.

Did I always have that stomach ache after eating pasta - was it there and I couldn’t feel it - or was it there because I had made some changes?

Having this ‘science experiment relationship’ with myself was a great way to start the process of refining what supported me and what did not.

It doesn’t happen overnight, we all have to start somewhere .

For me letting go of certain foods including Gluten and Dairy have allowed me to feel more vital, energetic, clear and able to work and live the way that I do - note food is not the only part of the equation but it has a definite role to play. It is also an easy place to begin.

Because we all eat.

We have no set parameters or must do’s - I still indulge and get to feel the consequences of those choices over the ones that would have supported me to sleep better, relate more openly, work with more focus, not get annoyed at other people etc etc.

We all know this - and yet as I said before we often override.

No special diets, no fantastic pills, no drinks or potions - just starting an honest and open relationship with your body and asking what it feels like eating today - and not just listening to your head.

This cafe space is a place to begin, rekindle, develop, maintain, nurture and grow - a new relationship with yourself, your body  and food.

Enjoy the playful experiment we all are - lots has an impact on us each and every day - taking some time to look after ourselves very simply is a lovely way to learn more about ourselves.

By Lee Green

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