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At Canning River Cafe we have been looking after our customers with Gluten Free & Dairy Free options since we opened in December 2011. Whilst we cater for everyone we have worked hard to ensure that every one can sit at our table and eat together - no one misses out because everyone is taken care of.

All Day Breakfast

We have tried numerous times to get people to lunch when we think they should lunch and breakfast when we think they should breakfast. It never works and so once again we turn back to the breakfast all day model. All of your favourite Gluten Free & Dairy Free dishes available from 7am to 2.30pm. With specials on the weekend to shake it up a bit.

ALL DAY MENU 7am - 2.30pm

Rosti & Bacon Benedict    ~ GF            24
Potato rosti, bacon, poached eggs,
house made hollandaise

Grilled Vegetable Stack    ~ GF DFA VGA         21
Grilled zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, broccolini, asparagus, Haloumi & roast beetroot & basil pesto
Vegan option - add coconut feta  instead of Haloumi        

Zucchini, Pea & Feta Hot Cakes    ~ GF DF        22
Avocado salsa & poached eggs
Add salmon            +6
Add bacon            +5
Florentine Eggs    ~ GFA V                19
Spinach, toast, poached eggs & house made hollandaise
[GF toast + $1.50]
Add leg ham            +5
Add salmon            +6
Add bacon            +5     

Fish & Chips ~ GF DF                26
Barramundi, battered or grilled, chips                    

Granola    ~ GF DF V VG RSF            19
House made with the finest seeds, nuts, organic maple syrup, coconut yoghurt, banana, berries, passionfruit plus any milk of your choice.

Arancini ~ GF DF V VG                22
Arborio rice, sun dried tomato, basil, coconut feta,
mixed leaves & house made tomato relish  

Farmhouse Breakfast ~ GFA DF            27
Fried, poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, roast tomato,                                    potato rosti, organic sausage, beans & toast
[GF toast + $1.50]

Eggs ~ GFA DF                    12
Fried – poached – scrambled, toast  [GF toast + $1.50]
Add bacon            +5

Mushroom Bruschetta    ~ GFA DF Vegan        22
Sautéed mushrooms, beetroot relish, coconut feta,                                 Turkish bread, mixed leaves [GF toast + $1.50]
Add salmon            +6
Add bacon            +5

Garden Plate ~ GF DF V VG            26
Beetroot, potato rosti, roast pumpkin, roast tomato,                        asparagus, broccolini, fried, poached or scrambled eggs
OR Smoked Salmon OR Organic Sausage
**Vegan replace eggs with beans & avocado    

EXTRAS ~ All Day Priced Individually

Smoked Salmon                    +6
Bacon GF, Ham, Sausage, X 2 Eggs            +5
Avocado, Potato rosti, Coconut feta, Spinach        +4
Tomato, x1 Egg, Beans, Hollandaise            +3
Sweet chilli - Aioli - Tomato relish - Tartare            +1

SIDES ~ All Day to share

Greens ~ Asparagus & broccolini             6
Sweet potato house cut chips, thyme salt & aioli    7
Mushrooms & garlic/herb butter            7
Chips & tomato sauce                6
All sides are GF DF

GF - Gluten Free     GFA - Gluten Free Available  
DF - Dairy Free     DFA - Dairy Free Available
V - Vegetarian     VG - Vegan          VGA - Vegan Available
RSF - Refined Sugar Free


7am - 2.30pm

Egg on toast ~ GFA DF                 6
Fried – poached – scrambled, toast  [GF toast + $1.50]

Fry Up ~ GFA DF                11
Roast tomato, bacon, fried – poached – scrambled, toast
[GF toast + $1.50]

Rosti Benedict ~ GF                12
Potato rosti, bacon, hollandaise, poached egg

Ham & Cheese Croissant             8.5

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie         8.5
[GF toast + $1.50]

Waffle ~ GF DFA RSF                10
Banana, strawberries & ice-cream
(DF ice-cream + $2.00)
(Maple Syrup + $2.00)
(Adult size +$8.00)

Kids Fish & Chips ~ GF DF            12
Barramundi, battered or grilled, chips
[Available after 12pm]

Two Scoops ~ GF DFA                                         5
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate or strawberry sauce  [DF ice cream available + $2]

Kids hot chocolate                 4
Warm milk, chocolate + baby marshmallows

Kids milk shake                 5
Small size shake with GF ice cream + flavouring
chocolate, strawberry, spearmint, vanilla

Decency , Respect, Connection & Purpose are the four pillars of our business - if we stick to this then you get a beautiful meal genuinely made with real Love & Care.

Gluten Free

& Dairy Free Options

Gluten Free

& Dairy Free Options

  • strive to provide a consistently clean environment for our customers and team.

  • work on different ways to become more sustainable and produce less waste.

  • continuously improve how we produce and serve our product – everything – service, food, coffee, environment, connection.

  • continually refine our dedication to our team and the community.

  • are committed to genuine hospitality.

  • understand that our business is about relationships – with honesty, integrity and commitment we build and maintain them.

We ...

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