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Small Business Big Plans

Canning River Cafe was launched on December 14th 2011 - I remember it well because we had no chairs or tables? They arrived a couple of days later than our planned opening date and well lots of people wanted to see what we were all about - and so we opened - takeaway only whilst we waited for the furniture.

Dimattina Coffee has been the brand of coffee we have used for 8 years. Great support team.
We do it 'our way' with all the basics in place.

Clearly from the very start there was a lot of work to do - after a huge financial investment - who would have thought that a tiny space could cost so much to make into a working kitchen and cafe space.

And then there was getting people - to visit and actually spend money.

Our philosophy has shifted and refined over time but the main one focal point is people first - it has to be about connection before food or coffee and we hold this even more dearly to this day. Without we are just another cafe serving food and drinks. We are not that - we are a place that does the functional aspects of hospitality - our way and with a deep reverence to making it all about people first.

Today we are going from strength to strength - always looking at improving and refining what we bring to our community.

For us it makes it simple - if we are not supporting our team, our suppliers and our customers - what is the point?

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